Photos of Food – Pink Corned Beef Hash

Before I started sharing Felix’s food with you I never really paid much attention to Instagram. I knew it was a wormhole of beautiful people, plates of food proclaiming to be ‘clean eating’ and artfully curated visions of a lifestyle that seems a long way from the chaos of family life.
Every time I photograph a plate of food I move a school bag, pile of crumbs, paperwork from clubs and occasionally a discarded sock out of the shot. Then ‘snap’ and I upload the picture for the world (or just under 1,000 people) to offer their judgement on Felix’s food before he tucks in.
This week I lost a whole bunch of followers on Instagram. They didn’t like where I was going! What had I served that was so controversial? I try to ‘keep it real’ when I share our meals as I do understand Felix has a more adventurous palate than most. His little brother wouldn’t entertain half of the stuff Felix enjoys and we all need a little help from Captain Birdseye to keep our sanity intact. Was this meal too real for Instagram?
THE CULPRITS – CORNED BEEF HASH AND ICE-CREAM SAUCE!! I hasten to add these were not served together.

It must be partly down to corned beef is a revolting sight to a vegetarian. Maybe some people have nightmarish memories of eating it in a sandwich as a child. It could be that it isn’t really a very pretty plate of food. Maybe there is even a little bit of snobbery thrown in. The meal cost the same as a ripe avocado afterall:
A small tin of corned beef – £1.50
1 onion – 10p
2 large baking potatoes – 50p
A tin of reduced sugar and salt baked beans split from a pack of 4 – 25p
All you need to add to this is a splash of oil and some Worcestershire sauce. Voila! A hearty meal for 2 people on the table for under £1.20 a head. What’s not to like? Call me contrary but I had to cook some more corned beef for the children’s dinner tonight. It’s a cracker of a recipe with hidden veg.

Pink Corned Beef Hash
Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Nut/Soya Free
I won’t give you quantities of potatoes here because you’ll know how much your family will eat. I had a load left over from a barbecue in the form of a potato salad. Strangely potatoes in a vinaigrette dressing fry brilliantly into sautéed potatoes without the need of any extra oil. You will need a large non-stick frying pan and a plastic or wooden slice to turn everything over until it is nice and crispy. The quantities are for 2 adults and 2 children.
New potatoes – quartered and cooked
1 small tin of corned beef – cut into 1cm cubes
1 onion – sliced into thin half moons
3 ready cooked beetroot – drained from the juice in the vacuum pack and cut into 1cm cubes
1 tbsp regular olive oil – you won’t need this if you are using leftover potato salad
Worcestershire sauce – this contains Barley so only use if you can tolerate gluten but it is wheat free.
Mustard or tomato ketchup to serve – I like Colman’s English mustard but the ready mixed version contains wheat. If you are gluten free most Dijon and wholegrain mustard brands contain no gluten
Pepper to taste

Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the onion and potatoes until they are starting to brown.
Add the corned beef and beetroot and continue to fry on a high heat turning everything over regularly to make sure it doesn’t burn.
Once everything is nice and golden and crisp season with pepper (no need for salt as corned beef is already quite salty) add a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce if tolerated. By this stage the pan of food will be pink!
Serve in hot bowls with mustard for grown ups and ketchup for children.  If you want some veg with this peas and green beans would be perfect.

Felix loved this but refused to touch the beetroot because it was too pink.  Little brother thought the beetroot was chocolate so ate the lot but refused to touch the potatoes for a reason I am yet to fathom. I’ve now learned children are far more judgemental than the Instagram community!

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