Stir Up Sunday

Christmas pudding really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but we love it! I’ve even managed to convert my husband who claimed he didn’t like the rich and sticky steamed pud. Are you ready to prepare yours? The most important ingredient is a wish made as you take turns to stir. I should have wished for world peace but I’m afraid my wish is always the same……….it relates to my desire for allergies to disappear.

My favourite recipe has to belong to good old Delia. I can remember my mum cooking so much from her classic Christmas book, she even had a VHS of the ham recipe so it could be copied as the tape was paused and played. This is what life was like before the internet. How did we cope? My childhood pud was stirred up on the last Sunday before Advent in a (new) washing up bowl. It had to be a big bowl to make enough for all the Great Grandparents. Yes, I was lucky enough to have lots of them!

Retro Delia

There is no point in reinventing the wheel so I’ll steer you in the direction of Delia’s Traditional Christmas Pudding. It is so easy to make allergy friendly with a few tweaks:

Dairy Free

Christmas Pud is normally dairy free. It is made with suet (shredded fat) instead of butter so no alterations are needed here!

Gluten Free

  • Switch to gluten free self raising flour in the same quantities
  • Combine the barley wine (foul tasting stuff!) and stout quantities and switch to a gluten free beer
  • Gluten free bread makes great breadcrumbs because it falls apart so easily!
  • It is possible to find gluten free suet although you may need to search in a specialist shop

Nut Free

Simply leave out the almonds. Nobody will miss them!

Egg Free

Swap the eggs for 4 tablespoons of smooth applesauce.


Most supermarkets will stock vegetable suet

On Christmas Day you’ll want to set this thing on fire. If you warm a brandy and vodka mixture you’ll have to stand back from some impressive flames!The modest flames of 2016

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