Veganuary – Why I’m Trying a Month Eating Plants

I need to eat less meat.  I default to meat for far too many meals and told myself the reason I ate so much was because Felix was allergic to too many foods.  I’ve done 8 months dairy free whilst breastfeeding, Felix was egg free for 4 years so I know I can do that.

Now Felix can eat wheat (a total game changer) this is the year I am going to give Veganuary a try.  That’s right, no animal products for the month of January.

It really got me thinking when we went camping on a farm this summer.  We were surrounded by happy animals and the farmer reminded us that the piglets we were feeding would be next year’s bacon.  Yep, I knew that.  Then we got to the chickens.  The farmer explained there was an egg pecker amongst the hens, she asked what they do to broody and egg pecking hens.  She looked at the children and with a deadpan face explained ‘we get an axe and chop their head off.’  Lovely.  However rest assured this is the most lovely farm with no dodgy practices – the farmer did a damn good job reminding me about the realities of animal products.

This year I set the new year resolution to eat less meat and failed miserably so I’m going hardcore for January 2018 and eating a plant based diet for 1 month.  If nothing else I will challenge myself to come up with more veggie recipes to share with you.  It will need to be warming, comforting and full of protein to get me through January.  Can I tread a little lighter on this planet eating food that takes less water, grain and energy to produce?

I know I can manage without butter but will really struggle with no eggs for breakfast.  Can anyone suggest a filling quick, cheap and easy protein packed breakfast?

One of my favourite pre-veganuary breakfasts

Head on over to Instagram where I will be tracking everything I eat for a month on my stories!

Wish me luck with my month of veganism……

Sophie x

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  1. Good luck with your Veganuary!! Breakfasts can be tricky but if you are looking for protein filled breakfasts think soy yoghurt with granola, seeds and berries or fried smoked tofu with baked beans and veggies!! Here’s our favourite breakfast and I would say there’s some good protein there –
    Excited to see more of your vegan cooking this month!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this! I never eat tofu and this recipe looks perfect – I’ll give it a try this week.

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      1. Ah no that’s a shame it’s a good breakfast staple!! There’s so many delicious vegan breakfasts out there though sure you will find your favourites!!


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