Quinoa Salad – AKA The Fridge Raid

Tonight the kids were a pain in the bum to get to bed.  Felix (age 6) was on a post sports club high and Teddy (age 2) was so excited by having his brother in the bath turned giddy, splashy and then ran around naked.  My kids do not find baths a relaxing wind down to sleep.  It is a reason to go totally giddy and delay Mummy from getting some dinner.

I need to go to the shops, I had no idea what to cook.  Husband had just got home from playing football and was doing his best to calm down the smalls whilst I raided the fridge.  Quinoa (I pronounce it keen-oh-wah) if full of protein, filling and easy to prepare.  It just needs load of flavour adding to stop it tasting a bit ‘meh.’

Believe it or not I find it tricky converting my ideas into a weighed and measured recipe.  This one gives you a good reflection of how I really cook most days.  I rarely plan in advance unless we have company….

This was SOOOO tasty!

Recipe (if you can even call it that)

Quinoa – follow the portion suggestion on the packet but realise this leaves a bit so decide to empty the whole packet.

Vegetable stock – roughly judged

Chickpeas – 1 can, drained

Olive oil – a big glug

Cider vinegar – I know lemon juice will taste better but I can’t be bothered with fishing the pips out of the juice.  I use too much as it’s the end of the bottle.

Garlic – then realise I also can’t be bothered with peeling it

Massive bunch of parsley – finely chopped.  It’s not looking very perky after getting squashed under the carrots so I need to use the lot tonight.

4 Sun dried tomatoes in oil – roughly chopped.  Check the bits sticking out of the top of the oil are still ok to eat.

2 chargrilled red peppers – roughly chopped.  These were left over from a chilli.

4 spring onions – finely sliced

Rocket – what’s left in a salad bag that’s now looking a touch floppy

Salt and pepper to taste

Who knows how many it will serve – I’ll eat the leftovers at work on Saturday

Simmer the quinoa in the vegetable stock.  Panic that it’s going to boil dry, add more water then realise you put too much in.

Dry fry the chick peas until they have turned a golden colour.  This gives them a nice toasted flavour and nutty texture.

Mix the quinoa, chickpeas and the remainder of the ingredients (with the exception of the rocket) in a serving dish.

Check for seasoning.  Once the mixture has cooled a little add the rocket.

Enjoy Husband marvelling that quinoa is really quite tasty!

Love it when a fridge raid comes together

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