Egg Free Royal Icing

This egg free icing is perfect for decorating my Easter biscuits.  At this consistency it can be used for cookie flooding which can be tricky with water icing yet is very allergy friendly.  If you add more icing sugar it will be stiff enough to pipe into shapes.

Easter Biscuits Free From Allergens

Does anyone else find food allergies at Easter time a challenge?  All that chocolate everywhere you go, let’s face it all those lovely egg hunts laid on by Cadbury aren’t geared up for allergy parents!  One Easter tradition I have to keep up is baking Easter biscuits free from allergens. 

Sheik el Mehohie

Until Felix’s allergies changed how we ate I would often make a lasagne when I needed to feed a crowd.  It’s not too exotic so suits fussy eaters, not to mention being fairly cheap to make.  I used to make a massive lasagne a couple of days before so I could have lunch on the…

Delicious Dal

I’ve been making a delicious version of this vegetarian and allergy friendly dal for years.  This week I changed the recipe to keep it more friendly for children and cook in one pot. 

Dairy Free Buttercream

There are some aspects of being a parent I have dreamed about for a very long time.  I  loved baking so much but really had the wind knocked out of my sails once Felix was diagnosed with multiple allergies. 

Burns Night Supper – Veggie Version

I’m sticking my neck out here giving you a recipe for Burns night when a) I’m not Scottish and b) I’ve fashioned a haggis into a pie.  I’m hoping my Scottish friends (of birth and blood) approve of this recipe.  Well, I say recipe, it’s more of an idea!

Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup

It’s supposedly Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year.  It’s dark and we are all hitting a post Christmas low.  It sounds to me like a way to flog us stuff when we feel a bit fed up rather than a real phenomenon.  January always seems to be an odd month for diet…

Christmas Leftovers – Goose Casoulet

Christmas 2017 will forever go down in my memory as the one where I nearly ran out of Goose.  Husband/helper was doing a great job of carving the meat and for one horrible moment I thought I was going to have to quietly skip my share!  I’ve never cooked a goose before but knew it…