Kipper Kedgeree

Kipper kedgeree is quick, easy gluten and dairy free dinner idea for allergies.

Egg Free Royal Icing

This egg free icing is perfect for decorating my Easter biscuits.  At this consistency it can be used for cookie flooding which can be tricky with water icing yet is very allergy friendly.  If you add more icing sugar it will be stiff enough to pipe into shapes.

Easter Biscuits Free From Allergens

Does anyone else find food allergies at Easter time a challenge?  All that chocolate everywhere you go, let’s face it all those lovely egg hunts laid on by Cadbury aren’t geared up for allergy parents!  One Easter tradition I have to keep up is baking Easter biscuits free from allergens. 

Sheik el Mehohie

Until Felix’s allergies changed how we ate I would often make a lasagne when I needed to feed a crowd.  It’s not too exotic so suits fussy eaters, not to mention being fairly cheap to make.  I used to make a massive lasagne a couple of days before so I could have lunch on the…

Delicious Dal

I’ve been making a delicious version of this vegetarian and allergy friendly dal for years.  This week I changed the recipe to keep it more friendly for children and cook in one pot. 

Gluten Free Dumplings

These gluten free dumplings are proper old fashioned, what your Granny would eat comfort food.  They go best with a stew, in my case it was an oxtail stew, very simply cooked with bags of flavour. 

Glorious Hot Chocolate

We’ve been snowed in this week and I’ve perfected a recipe for the most delicious hot chocolate. 

Dairy Free Buttercream

There are some aspects of being a parent I have dreamed about for a very long time.  I  loved baking so much but really had the wind knocked out of my sails once Felix was diagnosed with multiple allergies. 

Quinoa Salad – AKA The Fridge Raid

Tonight the kids were a pain in the bum to get to bed.  Felix (age 6) was on a post sports club high and Teddy (age 2) was so excited by having his brother in the bath turned giddy, splashy and then ran around naked.  My kids do not find baths a relaxing wind down…